• Airport Infrastructure Civil and Electrical Engineering
  • Runways, Taxiways and Aprons
  • Transport Canada, ICAO, ASSI OTARs and FAA SARPs
  • Airfield Condition Assessments and Capital Planning
  • Plan of Construction Operations (PCO)
  • Inset Lighting and Low Visibility Infrastructure
  • Approach Lighting Systems
  • PAPI Siting and ILS Harmonization
  • Navaid Site Servicing
  • Runway End Safety Areas
  • Runway Grooving, Roughness and Friction Studies
  • Commercial Development and Site Servicing
  • Airfield Drainage and Stormwater Management
  • De-icing Facility Planning and Design
  • TP312 Certification and Facility Audits
  • Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) Surveys and Assessments
  • ICAO Type A Charts
  • 3D Visualization Tools/Google Earth Simulations
  • Stakeholder and Public Consultation Support
  • TP312 Training
  • Funding Applications (ACAP and others)
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