Calvin Hall, E.I.T.Project Designer

T: +1.587.318.3311 | E: [email protected]
Office: Calgary, AB

Calvin Hall joined the Calgary team at Avia NG in 2023 as a Project Designer. He graduated from Lakehead University with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering in 2020, and prior to that, graduated from SAIT with a Civil Engineering Technology Diploma in 2017 and an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology Diploma in 2014. He is no stranger when it comes to working at airports. Having worked as a ramp agent at Fort McMurray International, as an aircraft de-icing technician at Calgary International, and as an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for several companies. Calvin’s responsibilities include the preparation of design drawings, OLS assessments, cost estimates, and on-site inspections during the summer construction season.