Lee Thomas, M.Sc., P.Eng.Senior Project Manager

E: [email protected]
Office: Edmonton, AB

Lee joined Avia NG in 2023 and has 19 years’ experience as a Transportation Engineer in public and private sectors across western Canada. Lee’s background includes construction management, traffic engineering, design and planning for a variety of transportation infrastructure projects. She has held team lead and project management roles in multi-disciplinary projects involving Architects, Communications Professionals, Contractors, Designers, Modellers, Planners and Technicians.

Lee has a Master of Science (2009) and Bachelor of Engineering (2005) from the University of Saskatchewan. She also has her Certificate in Professional Communication (2017) from the University of British Columbia, Foundations in Effective Public Participation (2015) from the International Association of Public Participation, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – Levels 1 and 2 (2011).